Save the bees

Bees pollinate over 33% of the foods we eat. Basically, one out of every three bites you take would simply not be possible without bees. Tragically, Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is causing them to die off in large numbers.


What is ccd?


Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is the bizarre and widespread phenomenon where adult worker bees disappear from their hives. CCD is speculated to be caused by a number of threats. Topping the list are chemical pesticides, the varroa mite, and inadequate food sources/lack of dietary diversity.


Why Bumble Wants to help

From the flowers to the herbs, fruits, and even the tea itself in our blends, we couldn’t do what we love without the help of our busy little friends. It’s only natural to want to give back, and to help preserver the ingredients we are lucky enough to enjoy today!


How can you help?

.10 from every package of Bumble Tea that you purchase will be donated to the American Beekeeping Federation’s Foundation.

This donation will go towards the building of hives, maintenance of the bees’ food sources & environment, and toward research to put an end to Colony Collapse Disorder.

helping at home

There are lots of little things you can do to help!

Check out your regional farmers’ market and pick up some local, raw honey, as well as some locally bee-pollinated produce! This can help to support beekeepers in your area.

Plant bee-friendly flowers or herbs in your garden and make your yard a regular stop on their daily foraging journeys. Bees love variety!

Boycott harmful pesticides (neonictonoids and coumaphos, to name a couple, negatively affect bee’s nervous systems by possible paralysis, and their brains by damaging their memory and tracking abilities.) If the bees do manage to navigate their way back to the hive after contact, they can still contaminate the others.

You can even write to your state government to consider banning certain chemicals. If you must use pesticides or insecticides, apply them in the evening when less bees are likely to be active around the plants.

Help a weary pollinator— if you see a tired bee crawling on the sidewalk or in the grass, give her an energy boost. Mix a couple of teaspoons of sugar with about a teaspoon of water and set it in a shallow bowl next to the bee.